12 Bizarre Sights in an NYC Starbucks

The longer you stay being a productive adult, the more you’ll witness on a typical day at a Starbucks in the city.

Leigh Victoria Fisher, MS
5 min readOct 17, 2022


Photo Courtesy of ManuPadilla on Adobe Stock

Whether you love them or hate them, Starbucks is such a well-known chain that it’s practically part of our culture. Some would argue that with the prices they charge, it’s the epitome of indulgence. Others enjoy the sugar rushes too much or appreciate the fact that Starbucks does actually do some good things for their employees.

Wherever you stand on the Starbucks debate, we’re looking at the odd cookies you find in Starbucks. Personally, I choose to tread the middle ground. I grab Starbucks gift cards when they go half-price on Groupon. If I need a place to compose myself before an important meeting or interview and Starbucks is the most convenient option, well, I’ll go.

Yet the Starbucks locations in New York City are host to some of the strangest sights you’ll ever witness in public.

There are a lot of things that happen at Starbuckses in the city that you just don’t really see elsewhere. I won’t say that you’ll only see them at NYC Starbuckses because my medical researcher friends would have a stroke. Saying only is almost always false since it’s hard to be so sweeping. Even saying most can be a strong word.

While strange things can happen at any coffee shop, they really have a higher incident rate at Starbuck locations.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

1. People looking to steal forgotten chargers.

I spent a measly one hour at a Starbucks on 15th Street and saw two different people creep around looking under tables for forgotten charge cords.

In one light, I get it — there are a lot of Macbook users in a Starbucks at any given time and Macbook chargers are absurdly overpriced.

2. Identical twins dressed identically getting identical Starbucks drinks.



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